This Is Athletic Club Bilbao – Basque Identity vs Modern Football

Heritage and tradition have always played a huge part of Athletic Club Bilbao’s fabric making them a truly unique club.

In a football world ruled by extortionate transfer fees and money, Athletic’s story is one of innovation with an almost complete reliance on their youth academy and bringing players through the system.

This is their story… This is Athletic Club Bilbao.

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35 comentarios

  1. (sprry for my english jaja) One of the things that makes me feel proud of our team is that taking account that particular policy of only playing with basque players, there is not far rigth supporters, maybe the logic would say that this club is racist because they dont want foreign players or that they hate the other countries o races, but not, even the hooligans of Athletic are from far left

  2. Fortunately, football has nothing to do with the race INSIDE THE FIELD, what is missing is that they want to put Basque cuisine into football, you already know the great problem of these peculiar people: "I am different and much better than you, nobody is like me, we are the best, this is not logical"

  3. Solo juegan con vascos o gente de cantera, como Biurrun (brasileño), Lizarazu (francés), Amorebieta (Venezolano), Laporte(francés), Ganea (rumano). Mario Bermejo (cantera del Racing), Etxebarria (cantera de la Real), Llorente y Ezquerro (riojanos), Valverde (extreme ño) Kodro(Bosnio)…… Etc etc pero siguen vendiendo la moto

  4. While the idea of this club with only playing native players from the basque region is quite patriotic they are being very short sighted as the players themselves do not share the same patriotism as the club. First chance they get they are off. Look at last few years with kepa at Chelsea, Laporte, herrera, Javi martinez

  5. What a pathetic comment section, this is discrimination point blank. If they only used players who came through their academy I can at least say let's see if they allowing every kid who wants to be in their Academy be a part of it. But the fact that you grow up in the Basque part of France or be from Real Sociedad, their biggest rival and that's okay, while some hungry kid from Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, or Malaga can't. Then think about all those kids in South America, East Asia, and Africa who want to play in La Liga or specifically for Athletic de Bilbao, they can never be a part of that team. It's discrimination, they put Iniaki Williams so they can have a black face and dress up something that is clearly shameful.

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