Barcelona vs Villarreal [4-0], La Liga 2020/21 – MATCH REVIEW


Barça’s season got off to the perfect start at the Camp Nou, with Ansu Fati scoring two excellent goals, Messi scoring from the penalty spot and an own goal. Giving Ronald Koeman’s team a comfortable 4-0 win over Villarreal in La Liga.



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  1. Fati had a whale of a game. Watching the game, it looked to me like the players were sending Messi a message, we don't need you to win, or maybe it was that Messi did not get as much time training with them. I mean Messi, to me, did not look as dominant as normal but that can be taken as a positive because last year Messi having an off game means the team loses. Very happy Rakatic and Suarez scored in their games.

    Overall, im not 100% sold that this group is going to challenge the madrid clubs but they still looked good for the first game.

  2. i watched the game.. and why do i have the feelings that barca players didnt pass the ball to griezman as much as they did to other team member..hate to say this, but always pass to messi..where as there are clear cut chances that griezman will have if they had just pass the ball.

    correct me if im wrong

  3. You guys having problems with busquest but do y’all see his passing possession speed got ntn to do with ntn.. he’s still one of the best passer of the ball so why y’all always have a problem with him..

  4. Thoughts on Barca 6/10 here’s why
    1. Messi doesn’t seem happy and there’s no energy idc about 4-0 he’s definitely gonna leave next season lol he doesn’t deserve this shit givin Up Suarez one of his best mates making it seem like HES THE PROBLEM…
    2. Griezman isn’t a number 9 and Barca always worked well in that system however his only problem is just not being able to score.. Suarez :/ridiculous to sell a legend…
    3. Coutinho looks confident which is good but it’s just one game
    4. Defense is still not it idc if pique had a “good game” lenglet is my favorite … jordi alba Roberto pique NEED TO GO we need faster and smarter defenders we will get destroyed by top tier clubs..
    5. Pedro and trinicao pretty solid.. smart transfer incase injuries however we seriously need more defensive options
    6. Nothings changed but I’m optimistic for la liga not for champions league …

  5. Barca really needs to replace Sergio Busquets as he plays in defensive zone, wid gud attackin team he is alwys sluggish, neither able to cover the ground nor opponent. He still plays gud pass but attacking is not his main duty.
    BARCA r so vulnareable & helpless against counter attack, club needs some powerful legs.
    Best man to replace Sergio Busquets is Kevin Kampl.
    Duo of De Jong & Kevin Kampl wld pump up the speed & power of team.
    Busquets needs to be replaced very urgently, otherwise team will again suffer against gud attackin team.
    I don't understand, why nobody sees tat, Busquets shld be the 1st one to leave 1st team. He can super sub after leading the score.
    Please TALK FCB, make video on it.
    Why no body sees tat. BUSQUETS is the biggest prblm.

  6. Great win! But now more than ever I believe we need a new solid holding midfielder. And the perfect one in my eyes would be Thomas Partey. He’s looking for a move, it’ll be from a direct rival, is in his prime and brings many different qualities compared to Pjanic and Busquets. Especially if we continue playing with this very attack minder 4 2 2 2 formation

  7. 55% of the attack favored the left flank. This won't work versus top-flight teams. They can generate more space in the middle by adding Dembele to the starting lineup on the right side. Look for this to be implemented in the game versus Sevilla.

  8. The ball by Lenglet on the first goal was top class! Seeing Coutinho ignore Messi and pass to Fati on the second goal felt so good! Finally, players who are not afraid of him and are willing to do what needs to be done to win!

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