Highlights Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid (1-2)

Real Madrid move to the top of LaLiga with a 2-1 win against Real Sociedad with the goals of Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema #RealSociedadRealMadrid Matchday 30 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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  1. No puedes ser tan estricto pitando el penal contra Vinicius y anulando el gol en fuera de lugar de la real sociedad y luego hacerte de la vista gorda permitiendole a Karim bajar el balón con el brazo dentro del área.

  2. The comment section here is awful, man. People sitting in the armchair seem to know the Laws of the Game better than educated, professional referees… And if anybody, Barcelona was gifted several points several times in the last few years, yet nobody talks about that. If I were a Barca fan, I would just shut my mouth about referees… but keep crying if that makes you happy😆

  3. It was impossible to be 100% sure from that angle that is was a hand ball by Benzema. VAR had several angles to choose from and the goal decision had to stand. Get over it haters…NEXT! It is so sad that you people have waited all of these months without football to start complaining about nonsense…

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