La Liga recap: Barcelona BLOW OUT Villarreal, but Ronald Koeman still has work to do | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Alejandro Moreno share their thoughts on Ronald Koeman’s first win with Barcelona and Luis Suarez’s debut win with Atletico Madrid. Moreno says it looks like this Barcelona side might be able to score goals without relying on Lionel Messi. Marcotti focuses on Luis Suarez’s link up play with Joao Felix for Atletico Madrid, saying their relationship is encouraging for Diego Simeone.

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  1. You know I find it hilarious that these journalist/pundits/ex-players/ex-managers think that the universe at Barcelona revolves around one man. To listen to this guy be shock that the team didn't pass the ball to Messi at every opportunity is because the central line of the team's dynamic has shifted meaning that it is no longer built around him, if he or they were paying close enough attention. Honestly in my opinion this panel has a lot of work to do, this is a team with one right back, an unhappy star player and a front office in chaos and still gave you a 4-0 win. The link-up play was solid, there was tougher pressing and the point is it is a great departure from what they were games ago under Setien and Valverde.

  2. At the moment, playing right back is tough in BARCA, coz as formation make him beside Busquets whu is sluggish to cover ground & mark player, Right back has to cover some how Busi part as well while facin counter attack.
    Messi whu doesnt do defensive part, so right back is alwys bg covering the ground rather thn playing.
    both Busi & Messi donn run to create space without ball,
    tats what playin RB is tough now.
    No more Bartmeou & no more
    Busi, ofcrs Busi can be super sub coming into after 70 mins to make game slow after Barca have lead of 2 or 3.
    He makes Barca game very very slow & opponent can easily
    predict & cover the space with players.

  3. Barca really needs to replace Sergio Busquets as he plays in defensive zone, wid gud attackin team he is alwys sluggish, neither able to cover the ground nor opponent. He still plays gud pass but attacking is not his main duty.
    BARCA r so vulnareable & helpless   against counter attack, club needs some powerful legs.
    Busquets needs to be replaced very urgently, otherwise team will again suffer against gud attackin team.
    I don't understand, why nobody sees tat, de jong & right back alwys has to do duty for Busquets. He shld be the 1st one to leave 1st team. He can super sub after leading the score.
    Why no body sees tat. BUSQUETS is the biggest prblm.

  4. I believe simeone did want to play this way last season but the poor play of lemar, costa and morata made it difficult to do so. I think with suarez, felix and carrasco, this team is better up front and more creative up front

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