Lionel Messi as a false 9 would leave Barcelona with many questions to answer – Moreno | ESPN FC

Following the departure of Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi is expected to start Barcelona’s season opener vs. Villarreal as a false nine. Is this yet another problem looming for Ronald Koeman’s squad? Can Messi be the finisher he will need to be in that role? ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno and Julien Laurens examine Barca’s potential XI for their opener in La Liga, what happens if Messi drops deep to get the ball and whether there is a chance of him shifting positions with Antoine Griezmann during the match.


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  1. Am I the only one who actually thinks Messi should play false 9?? He drops defenders out of there positions which helps create chances for me personally that’s the best position he can play rn he can drop to help the midfield and he can help attack by dribbling forward or assisting

  2. Barcelona doesnt function well as a team when Messi is in the middle. Lets be real, theres plenty of players that can play make. Messi can play anywhere, its about time they move him upfront and try putting the expensive buys in recent years in the middle

  3. It will work best if you have pace around him. That’s the simple answer here. Griezmann, messi and coutinho are all similar players in terms of the positions they want to take up. Unless you’re playing dembele and fati either side who will actually run in behind, I don’t see how this works at the elite level.

  4. It seems people forget the liberty Messi had in that Guardiola team. If Messi drops deep, he will carry central defenders and open space for players like Griezmann, Ansu Fati and Dembelé to break the defensive line. Ansu Fati is showing that he has instinct and capacity to step on the box and score goals from outside in, like Villa or Eto'o in their moment. And doubting Messi's capacity to be a goalscorer is an absurdity. Of course, I think that for this to work Griezmann or Coutinho should be benched in favor of Dembelé, because they aren't players that constantly make runs to break defensive lines. Specially Coutinho prefers the ball at his feet, like Messi, and this would not be good for a dynamical attack.

  5. This line-up is exciting. Messi has to play upfront. he doesnt have the work rate to go up and down the wing in a 4-2-3-1 setup and no.10's are required to work in that setup and Grizzy has the work rate Kudos to Koeman, Messi will and can adapt, cant wait to c this!

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