Real Madrid TOP 5 GREATEST games with ANCELOTTI

Real Madrid TOP 5 GREATEST games with ANCELOTTI
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33 comentarios

  1. The best Real Madrid team ever is and always will be la quinta del Buitre when you were still in your papa’s balls….
    Emilio Butragueno Martin Vazquez Hugo Sanchez Gordillo Michel….❤️
    I’m talking about real football here kids
    After Ac Milan of the 3 Dutch an Crujff Holland the best team in history
    Now it’s all and just about money

  2. This video is an absolute propaganda without CR7 being highlighted. They want to prove the world that they are better off with CR7 with this video, you know what, they survived 10 years mainly coz of him. Now they are forgetting their stepping stone… Shame… Once a die hard fan on Madrid now in dilemma..

  3. possibly the best signing they did after ronaldo was modric. i mean if they didnt have modric, they would not be able to control the midfield the way they used to. i dont know why sir alex didnt sign him to replace scholes. a like for like replacement for him.

  4. Anceloti is way better than zidane Coz anceloti deliver A garbage worthless team and turns him to the freaking beast meanwhile zidane was only watching and didnt do nothing coz the team was allready build by Ancelotti

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