Gareth Bale All 105 Goals For Real Madrid

▶️ Gareth Bale All 105 Goals For Real Madrid
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31 comentarios

  1. Massively underrated scored more goals then most of the Golacticos including R9. Bale was an animal if he would've stayed in the EPL he would've been one of the all time greats regardless if he didn't win 4 CL..

  2. Left food, right foot, headers, freekicks, penalties, tap-ins, long shots, acrobatic goals, top bins, cup goals, league goals, champions league goals, big game goals, assists, build up involvement & get injured defending the batch.

    I don't care what anyone else says about you.
    You Are A Legend.
    Thank you.

  3. Prez is the reason for bale’s downfall it’s prez’s hatred towards Ronaldo that he gave bale new contract with massive pay raise to make him par with Cr7 which backfired Madrid it gave him the feeling of untouchable and made him arrogant n complacent.Bale didn’t have respect for coach and club coz he knew he is blue eyed boy of prez n had it not been zizou’s stern approach against bale’s attitude he would still be seen playing golf n enjoying massive pay cheques from Madrid week in week out and laughing at club while sitting on bench. Bale’s elephant size ego n money 💰 is the reason for his downfall n even at spurs if he vl have same attitude then it’s over but i think he is done playing football or any team sport as all he wants is to complete his massive contract be it on loan or at bench he is done being coached and team player he wants to be left alone at golf course with his money and ego.

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