The REAL Reason Luis Suárez Left Barcelona

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This was not the transfer saga we expected. It was supposed to Lionel Messi finally leaving Barcelona and take his legacy elsewhere.

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  1. And Suarez should celebrate against Barcelona and mock them if he scores because of what they did to him. That wouldn’t be disrespectful because Barcelona already disrespected him so he has the right to take revenge

  2. I used to be a barcelona fan but I moved on and I’m no longer a fan of them and I switched to psg. Barcelona show no respect to their legends which causes them to leave. They have lost many legends because of their respect. They made their biggest legend Lionel Messi want to end his loyalty for the club because they just can’t save their players because of what they do to them. I moved on to being a psg fan because they have respect and talent which makes them a good club and I’m sure legends of the club wouldn’t wanna leave anymore including Neymar. Neymar was gonna go to Barcelona but because of lack of respect from the board, he decided to stay at psg and I would be happy for Messi to get out if Barcelona and no longer be with such a horrendous board

  3. I need to correct every one on Koeman. When Koeman signed with barca he told Saurez he needs to fight for his spot in the team ore there will be no place for him. The club Barca self already made the choise to get ride off him to get Money and to have have space for a younger player. So Saurez never got the changes to show Koeman how good he still is and what he cane do for the team. The club wanted Saurez out Not koeman not Saurez him self bud the Club.

  4. Messi saying he's not "suprised" but still in Barca colours……Yet Koeman is the one who stated categorically clear that he doesn't need Suarez……yet Messi is expected play for Koeman?? These are interesting times, is really a football club or just a Messi thee-all setup?? How does a team keep a player that doesn't want to be in it any more and still expect him to be the pillar of it's squard?? This just puzzles me, but I am yet to see the outcome…..let me hang on for now and watch how things pen out from this.

  5. I think Koeman is very fortunate to be chosen as Barcelona head coach. As a manager, he hasn’t won anything really significant. I think Barcelona couldn’t afford anyone better due to the financial crisis. I can’t believe they decided to keep Griezmann and let Suarez go.

  6. Suarez cheating?? No way I cannot believe mean the guy who's known for being a dirty player ,biting multiple times, handball In a world cup where millions of people watching,him cheating on a test?

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