Luis Suárez’s stage at Barça is over but his legacy will be eternal. The Uruguayan forward is leaving after «six spectacular and wonderful years» in which he has become part of the history of the club. The third highest scorer couldn’t contain the tears in his farewell speech. “I am very proud of everything I did. My children have seen me score goals, win trophies and play alongside extraordinary players and above all alongside the best player in the world,” said the man from Salto.

Excited and looking forward, he also expressed his gratitude to the Barça fans: “I want to thank the fans, who have given me a lot of love. I will not forget that. I’d also like thank all the staff for their hard work everyday. I want to let them know that I am always going to be one more culer wherever I go.»


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47 comentarios

  1. He went a biter to our best legendary strikers in Barcelona along side Ronaldo fenómeno

    First we had to let out our legendary defender our 5
    Second we had to let out our legendaries midfielders our 6 and 8
    Now we had to let out our legendary striker our number 9

    Now our legendary CAM,RW,CF,F9, the reason I love Barca,has a lot of ball n dor s and our legendary 10 best number 10 along side Ronaldinho

  2. They did not give a dam about luis they are trying to act like the victim but in reality Messi… Messi is the victim he won't be able to get better without his friend. It is a sad day for Messi and a horrible day for Barcelona.

  3. The trued reason is…when u have a coach from Netherlands, all Players not from Europe 90% must out..n change Players just only from Europe mostly from Nethld…so all Players mostly from brasil, Argentina, Uruguay etc…not have change n grow up their talent….just how to make Europe team go to the top level….do i right????

  4. Ok, it's been 2 weeks now, finally had enough courage to watch this.. As expected, this is so f*ckin' heart- wrenching, so this is what it is, after 6 years they just thrown him off guard, f*ck! He doesn't deserve this, all those hardworks deserves to be rewarded with some kind of recognition, by that I mean to keep him around. Instead those fools showed nothing but disrespect by getting rid of him… This is some high grade bullshit. So fuckin hating right now.

  5. 🤔 he should have stayed. His numbers were good last season. It doesn't make sense to me to get rid of your number 9 and play with three number 10's in Coutinho, Messi and Griezmann. You need the striker playing up front.

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