FC Barcelona – The Glory Days – Official Movie

FC Barcelona has been dominating the world of football over the last decades. It’s not just about all the trophies they won, it’s more about the way of playing football. Especially under Pep Guardiola they dominated the game like no other team ever before. In this video we go many years back and start to relive the greatest moments, amazing goals, skills and legendary games of this wonderful club.

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  1. As you probably know, it's really hard to make such a wonderful video. It would be great if you like, comment and share the video. Every football fan should see these magical moments once again. Subscribe to see more. Thank you♥️

  2. Hats off man!
    I really enjoyed watching this…. Like u've put everything in this.. ❤️👌
    The tiki taka, nutmeg, controls, dribbles etc…
    Hope u'll go a long way…hope barca 's good days will come soon😔💯

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