Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid EL CLASICO! (LIVE) Match Review | La Liga 2020/21

Join us after Barcelona vs Real Madrid play – to experience a post-match LIVE review amongst other Real Madrid and Barca fans. We will go over everything that happened in the full 90 minutes – highlights, skills, goals and more! Leave me your questions for El Clasico!

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21 comentarios

  1. Do you guys know Real Madrid president was inside the VAR room.
    They have an influence on La liga refrees and their decisions. Specifically designed to favor Real Madrid.
    What on earth could a club president be doing inside a Var room?

  2. is it not time now to indroduce penalty AND a yellow card for the one who increases the efects of the wrong doing?

    Cause actually i am very tired of us complaining on referees when we do wrong ourselves . a pull on shirt is Always a penalty . basta. but, our complains should be why we are not given when are pulled down.

    but back to having control in the penalty are, an introduction of warning for filming together with a given penalty would be a good way to go.

  3. Barca only got one real number 9, the play how. Braithwaite did look good the 5 minutes he got, at least deserved to get 20 minutes.
    All the substitutes came far to late.
    Griezmann should not have been played except maybe for Messi as he looked tired in the end.

  4. There are issues with this team that go beyond Koeman. Firstly, that dressing room is clearly fractured. There is still a lot of resentment amongst certain players within that squad. Secondly, the club had limited money to work with.

    I can see why Koeman wanted Wijnaldum and wanted a striker. We could clearly use both right now.

    Koeman has a two core issues. One is his back line. There just isn’t much he can do about that. Eventually, he will give Araujo more time and that will help. However, we must also be mindful that he too is a young defender and may have ups and downs.

    The other core issue is the Coutinho/Griezmann/Messi dynamic. Let’s be honest, Messi doesn’t care for either one of them and they all play in many of the same spaces. If you bench Coutinho and play Messi behind Griezmann, Messi won’t do the defensive work that Coutinho does and he clearly does not care for playing with Griezmann. If you play Messi as a false 9, Griezmann is out of position, but if you don’t play Griezmann on the right, you lose defensive balance. Which is what we’ve seen. If you play Coutinho behind Messi, Messi will just drop deep into spaces he should be letting Coutinho occupy, like we saw today.

    A lot of fans won’t like this, but I think he needs to bench Messi. He can then play Griezmann at Striker, Coutinho behind him and then Trincao or Dembele on the right. You gain pace. You maintain width. Your defensive pressing will be better and you will have a clear identity. Plus, none of those players have an issue playing with each other.

  5. blesi day my friend wel it's just what i've been talking about why play without dembele why you are playing a big game you have ansu fati you have dembele in big games like dis start with them both an you will defeat any team that comes one youre pad because dembele will out run ramos he was'nt going to the first have but it doesn't look like he likes dembele that much sorry that i'm saying that but it's just what it looks like for sure the refree makes those(😊 mestakes like that penalty but you always know when youre playing agains madrid the refree always give them a penalty they have to find out why because it's starts to get old an frustrated but that's why we have to come full power reddy to kill butchet 😊 we have pjanic butchet is getting old so koeman has to see that

  6. Why even bother buying players if you are gonna start the same players that got us humiliated countless times. Dest was fantastic but That back line is really weak and vulnerable. And pedri at right wing does not look threatening at all. And of course the horrible subs at 80 th min ? Come on. It seems Koeman can’t do well in big games.

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