Getafe vs Barcelona [1-0], La Liga 2020/21 – MATCH REVIEW

Barça returned to La Liga action following the international break with a surprise defeat against Getafe, courtesy of a dubious penalty scored by Mata. Antoine Griezmann missed a great chance to score and Lionel Messi hit the post. But there are concerns for Koeman’s side…



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46 comentarios

  1. Sad😥 that none of Barca players has reacted when Anshu fati was bullied .
    Since xavi has left Barca . Barca player has been playing for themself rather than for team . Barca now need some good player with aggressive nature like VIDAL or SUAREZ to support player when other team player show their agressio

  2. I'm not taking "they are a good side" again. This is Barcelona. They're supposed to be UCL champs. La Liga should be a piece of cake realistically, like how Bundesliga is for Bayern. Few hinderances are welcome if they're focusing on other competitions. But this is a side with Griezman, Messi and Coutinho we are talking about.

  3. Messi can not play alone he plays in the hallucinatory youth team …. also two situations that reached him almost a goal. There is no one to play …. and Griezmann misses a goal of 100% …. Barcelona does not deserve a player like Messi.

  4. Griezman was signed for a huge amount of money; Suarez was sold for a pittance. For now, Suarez is performing; but Griezman, on the other hand, is offering nothing. It's obvious that Griezman doesn't fit into the fcBarcelona jigsaw.

  5. I hope you all finally understand why dembele cant start yet. He isn't ready and can't be rushed, especially now while he is still scared. Also Griezman really pissed me off this week. I've been defending him this whole time and then he goes and complains and has been shady with our coach and then when he finally gets what he wants he does nothing with it.

  6. 10 years ago if Barca faced a fouling defender like this guy Gyom or whatever his name is, the entire team would have surrounded the refree the second he committed a foul. What happened to that, the team is so passive.

  7. I would love to see Konrad De La Fuente out in the Left Wing (he played really well in the friendlies)
    Coutinho in the center attacking midfield
    Dembele in the right wing in his natural position
    Ansu Fati as our striker (we know he can finish might as well put him as striker.
    Puig in the midfield he is a player that creates chances.
    Pjanic he is a player that create those long balls to set up Dembele or any fast forward we have.
    Dest on the right to be paired in his natural position with Dembele
    Araujo as center back he is a great defender
    Lenglet good defender and can deliver long balls
    Alba in the left he is pretty fast still and we have no options on the left lol

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