Highlights FC Barcelona vs RCD Espanyol (2-0)

Two goals of Leo Messi gave the victory at FC Barcelona against RCD Espanyol. LaLiga Santander 2018/2019

Suscríbete al canal oficial de LaLiga Santander en HD | 2019-03-30 00.00h | J29 | BAR | ESP
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  1. OMG CAN YALL STOP FIGHTING FOR WHOS BETTER AT SOCCER MESSI OR ROBALDO?? It doesn’t matter cuz there both good and they have there own ways on how they play why can’t yall just accept there both good im a huge Barcelona fan AND I STILL SUPPORT REAL MADRID when the vs each other I OBVIOUSLY GO FOR BARCELONA but I still respect Real Madrid
    Edit I spelled Ronaldos name wrong my bad
    Edit Yes I know Ronaldo moved to juventes or how ever u spell it but there a good team just not my favorite I respect every team tbh cuz there good dont whine about something that you cant do

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