Houston Dynamo 1-1 LA Galaxy | Chicharito is Shackled But Pavon Scores! | MLS EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS

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The LA Galaxy travel to the BBVA Compass Stadium to take on the Houston Dynamo on 02/29/2020. Chicharito will look to make an impact while Mauro Manolas sets out to spoil the party.

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41 comentarios

  1. Zlatan > Chicharito
    Vela > Chicharito
    Pavon > Chicharito

    Chicharito is just overvalued/overrated, that dude is just lucky to score. Doesn't perform at the same level as Zlatan does, and Zlatan is older… Chicharito thinks he is Messi, lmao. He will only score 10 goals all season, most of them through PK or super lucky rebounds from his face, chest, shoulder, back of the neck/head, ear, knee, hip.

  2. Seriously, I think Chicharito is going to struggle mightily this season… and the Galaxy are going to continue to kind of look stupid… and I don't dislike the Galaxy at all… so no offense to Galaxy fans. I lived in LA for 7 years, and I would definitely choose the Galaxy over LAFC as a fan. But yeah… I don't think Chicharito is going to have an easy time.

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