Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic

At the Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic, Kassia Meador, Alex Knost, Justin Quintal, and 12 of the world’s best longboarders head inland for an all-day contest at Surf Ranch. When the lights come on, the competition goes off. These talents showcase creative lines as they trade waves under the night sky. Adding to the festivities are prizes for longest noseride and best shared wave, as well as an agave board session. Watch Sunday, October 18 at 6pm ET / 3pm PT on

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50 comentarios

  1. Frothing leading up to this event. Sadly, unable to finish it. Still don't know who won. Tried turning off the sound and although it helped… Still awful. SORRY WSL. you do so good on event coverage the bar is set high. This was unwatchable.

  2. I agree with everyone saying this is more of a commercial then anything and that's bs. And the cherry on top… they didn't invite Tommy Witt! I'm actually glad. He wouldn't want to be part of this trash

  3. Ha ha Solé is struggling during Covid, she one of the richest transplant haoles on the north shore of Kauai! We unemployed and tired of entitled world traveling corporate sponsored elite, let the poor locals have pintrees and tell her dad stop filming the soul out of every session, narcissistic rich people are lame

  4. Genuinely excited for the event, haven’t watched a surf contest that was compelling in a while. This seems more of a natgeo documentary on long boarding than a contest. For a better look at the surfing and the actual surfers go watch @LogRap video, more in tune with content a surfer would make for a surfer.

  5. I am sorry but everything they profess to stand for is undone by the greedy commercial ads all the way through. How to devalue an art, anyone with real soul distance yourselves please this not the direction of travel.

  6. WSL takes the bold, radical position that people who tune in to watch a longboard surfing competition are cool with not seeing a single ride. Can you imagine investing the money, getting all these talented surfers together, filming all these waves, and then deciding people just want to see a stomach turning cut-down that feels like the commercial breaks during a WSL event? WSL on some next level psyop

  7. I'd like to see another one of these next year, hopefully it will be done well. Cutting parts of rides? If you can't watch the surfer's whole ride, you can't compare them, so as to have an opinion on which wave was surfed better. I guess that helps the: "You c͟a͟n script this" aspect. Really looked like the women's final was pre-decided, but who knows? We couldn't see the whole waves. Maybe that's the point. I hoped the people surfing at least had honest fun. Maybe an expression session with all the surfers getting together after surf and judging the rides other than their own. Probably make better judges.

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