"You Wanted Zlatan, I Gave You Zlatan" | Unforgettable MLS Moments

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has parted ways with LA Galaxy. He scored fantastic goals, played in great matches and said some memorable things. Take a look back at Zlatan’s greatest moments in MLS.

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50 comentarios

  1. For the people crying about how he disrespected the league.
    Do you even open your eye?
    Are you unable to understand he is bigger than the MLS? And he will stay bigger.
    The MLS will never be "big" or consider like a serious league as long as they keep the franchise way of managing sport. This is good for the owner and for making money, it's awfull to create a real high level league. It can only work if the other league of the world are "broke" like in basketball.

  2. Zlatan went there to show them what proper Football is about, but i don't think they learned much, there is still so much room for improvement in the MLS, i hope you guys will get to Europe level one day, it will make the FIFA Club World Cup an interesting tournament after years of boring matches of an european team against bad competition..

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