GOAL: Steven Gerrard scores his first goal for the LA Galaxy

Watch as Steven Gerrard scores his first goal for the Galaxy in their 5-2 win over the San Jose Earthquakes.

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  1. Zidane is the new couch of Real Madrid and he love Gerrard and maybe he will buy he to become Real Madrid player because he remind Zizo of him self in long time ago

  2. After coming in midway through the season into a completely different environment and having to adapt to new team mates, new tactics and a new manager, Stevie has played 12 games before the play offs have even come around and scored 2 goals as well as assisting 3, putting in a MOTM performance on his debut. I would say he has done exceptionally well despite all the changes and his age (35 and a half).
    He will show his worth in the play offs if he hasn't already and next MLS season, he will have adapted, gained some experience in the league and he will be even better.
    Yet, there are some impatient, misunderstanding and ignorant American fans who are giving him stick.
    What a player. All LA need to do is find a way to be defensively stable (with delagarza to come back) and not have to rely solely upon Juninho, or Gerrard who both dont want to play defensively. Sort the back line out and LA will be THE team in the MLS.

  3. Can't quite believe I'll never see him in a Liverpool jersey again:( there will never be another player like Steven Gerrard in Liverpool ever again but let's see how Liverpool will do this season:)

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