HIGHLIGHTS: LA Galaxy vs. Sporting Kansas City | April 8, 2018

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  1. For all the talk about bad reffing and poor quality of play in MLS, last years La Liga final was pretty bad. Some of the worst reffing I've seen ever and skillwise it wasn't anything special.

  2. So unlucky but SKC played well.
    LA Galaxy, start Zlatan and you might actually have a better chance. Zlatan can't just be a super sub, your making the game an uphill battle. Start Zlatan and you'll be more comfortable. He can finish and create hence why you've got him. The link up between Zlatan and Boating, Dos Santos looks good so use him! I've got faith in LA Galaxy and the players.
    What's done is done, focus on the next game! ☺

  3. In LA, Zlatan has to be the playmaker and goalscorer! Look how deep he dropped at 3:23! And that's the only way he's gonna received the ball. I'm glad his long shot still as good as ever. To get the best out of Zlatan, he has to be the one inside the penalty area, waiting for a cross! I hope the coach realize that. Feed the lion and you'll see what a true beast he was! Just needs a playmaker who can deliver the ball to him.

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