Highlights: San Jose Earthquakes vs. LA Galaxy | May 27, 2017

It’s the first Cali Clasico of the 2017 MLS season. The LA Galaxy head up to Avaya Stadium to face the San Jose Earthquakes.

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  1. Lol I thought he was doing a good job commentating, he actually explains the plays unlike all other English speaking soccer commentators that just go on an on about trivial bs. And that other guy is right how can you be annoyed by the commentary when watching a game like this one.

  2. 0:15 AWFUL defending. You would never see that in a top-flight club in Europe. The space Allessandrini has is simply nonsense… And why is every defender running towards and facing their own goal?

    0:28 AWFUL marking. Happens sometimes in top-flight clubs in Europe but it's almost as though the commentator and everyone knows the goal is due to an error [in europe], and the goal is seen as a consequence of an error…Whereas in MLS, most of the goals come from such positions.

    0:47 Number 25 defending… What the fuck are you doing? One of your mates was already on the ball!

    Those are the first 47 seconds of the highlights.

    I will stop here. Can't wait for the Canadian Premier League… or maybe that'll be a disappointment as well.

  3. I just started to get into mls, and I've never seen so many penalty kicks called in my life. It's like there's a penalty kick called every single freakin match for the stupidest fouls on the planet. Like how was this obstruction which warranted a penalty kick. It just doesn't make sense. In some other leagues that wouldn't even warrant a normal foul. Yellow cards and red cards are given left and right too. I just can't. I may stop watching mls. I hate penalties and having fouls called for literally anything

  4. America soccer needs to stop being influenced by Mexican soccer culture. I know America has big Mexican population and they love soccer, but they are a mediocre soccer nation and the USA has bigger goals. I hate it when Americans an English speaking nation call football futbol because Mexicans call it that way. Soccer isn't a Mexican only sport.

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