12 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World!

12 occasions where Lionel Messi Stunned the world of football throughout his career, winning Ballon d’Or, scoring crucial goals, impossible dribbling skills & more.
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  1. The football world is so in awe with Messi that his lackluster is always blame on others. If Maradona can put Argentina on his back on the world stage how come the football world darling (Messi) is so dreadful for Argentina? PSG could've scored another 8 goals as Bayern Munich did and the football world darling is still praised despite producing absolute nothing as the "Best Player in the World".

    Look, Messi is a great footballer but he's certainly NOT what others would like us to believe.

  2. The thirteenth time he surprised: when he was convicted by the Spanish tax justice for defrauding millions of euros in taxes. he is not an idol. idols should be exemplary people, not criminals

  3. Les debería dar vergüenza si nunca a sido y más k si fuera el mejor del mundo? Ya no uviera firmado más con el Barcelola yo me uviera largado pero no tiene valor y menos vergüenza de donde sacan k es el mejor del mundo? Si afuera de ese equipo no tiene pero lo k se yama nada pero nada pregúntele a C R 7 ese si es lo mejor por k el k es perico? Donde kiera es verde

  4. मुझे मेसी बहुत पसंद है वेरी नाइस वीडियो मैं दुनिया का सबसे बेहतरीन खिलाड़ी मानता हूं मेसी को

  5. He who does not know God, prays to any saint says the popular saying. Messi did wonders but against teams of a low level. Maradona did superior things against the most powerful teams and teams in the world

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