Ilaix Moriba debuted with the first team on Thursday against UE Cornel`à in a 0-2 victory for Barça that qualified the team for the last 16 of the Copa del Rey. Here are the best moments, skills, tricks from his debut.


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  1. For Ronaldkoeman and all Barcelona players … to be able to quickly win and score lots of goals, must involve all players when attacking, and have to create a lot of opportunities in the opponent's penalty box, and try to maximize them for goals

  2. I’m so glad Barca are using their young players especially from la masía (Im not sure if he came from la masía) the future of Barca are in good hands good thing koeman is giving them a chance at playing

  3. I’d rather use all potential Barca B players to put into the first team until they are really competing each other. Less competent can be sold to another team (doesn’t mean they’re not good but it’s just others are so damn good). Hopefully barca can produce more n more potential players,not just for the team and also economic purposes.

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