Zinedine Zidane the most ELEGANT player ever

Zinedine Zidane the most ELEGANT player ever
#Zidane #RealMadrid

This is a video about Zinedine Zidane skills, goals, dribbling and his ELEGANT way of playing.

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43 comentarios

  1. U kno, why u should call him the god of football becuz
    He can handle a team alone
    At the 2005 fifa world Cup how many of u think that other than zidane France had a finalist team 🤔💭…
    Other reason is zidane s control that makes him not only a inspiration but making him a god of that.. U see these skills r the simplest of the simplest skills which anybody in the world can perform and these skills r common for themselves defenders too.. His dribbling in that case👌👌👍👍😁
    Now talking about is he a god 😶 he has not one a world Cup though jis team was fine compared too the one of zidane at 2005 🤔💭
    Is Messi a one man army nop

  2. U see back then though madrid was the best team or the club of glacticos… It was nothing without this man respect I still remember that without zidane France were nothin though it had some rising stars.. He cannot be called one man army he can be called one genius who is enough for the others to loose

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