Barcelona Teamwork Tiki-Taka 2008 2017

Fc Barcelona The Style We Believe ►Teamwork Tiki-Taka 2008-2017 🔵🔴 The high pressing, the quick pressing for a few seconds, the ability to keep the ball, the TIKI-TAKA…It. was just like they evolved the game! The Blueprint of Barcelona’s Tiki Taka Football is something that everybody has been trying to copy, it’s the heart of the club that’s important, it’s about the supporters, los culés to not only play winning football but attractive football. Check out Barcelona’s tika-taka skills. It’s all about one touch play, passing & movement, created by Johan Cruyff and perfected by Guardiola! «It’s all about rondos. Rondo, rondo, rondo. Every. Single. Day. It’s the best exercise there is.
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31 comentarios

  1. Barcelona forgot 2 philosophies that Johan Cruyff left to the team. The basic strengths and style of tiquitaca football Johan cruyff frank rijkaard Pep Guardiola They are the bases of that philosophy of style of Barcelona, ​​but since 2016 they left that to sign players who did not belong to that style of play. Without leaving aside that they fired their coach Luis Enrique, who knew about that philosophy, but the current owners of Barcelona did not share, Sandro Rosell and later Josep Maria Bartomeu

  2. Отвратительная нарезка неотражающая тики таку. Лучше посмотреть старые матчи, чем такое г со спецэффектами

  3. I think Poeple forget about hanry xavi iniasta david villa eto'o
    Perdo dani alves fabrigaus
    Pojan busckets adriano avidal sadio kaita payol mashalona yaya thiago axis

    All this names real reason of being barcelona stronge
    Not only
    messi suarez naymar
    I know that messi and ….,….,…..,…..
    Are star but
    Barcelona never play by defend to some player
    Barcelona named by teamwork
    That mean all member should do them best
    That happened by all name that we forget naw
    In my opinion
    Barce best time from 2008 to 2014/2015
    All player in that time in them posision star

  4. this was during the prime of Busquets, Iniesta and Xavi and to an extend Pique and Puyol. This was the best midfield I can think of. The amount of titles these men won from 2008 tot 2013 is insane.

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