The Last El Clasico Between Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi

It was 2 years ago in 2018’s El Clasico the last time the 2 GOATs played against each other! Now they meet again on October 28th.


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  1. Will we ever see two of the greatest players of the era play each other regularly? Never before in football history was there 2 players challenging for the best for so many years. Most of the time, the same player would win one after another until someone else would be player of the year, but football will change when these legends are gone.

  2. People comparing but I’m here wishing Ronaldo can be bought back by Real Madrid. I mean Messi wishes Ronaldo was on a team where he can get competition again. Barcelona is winning every game against Real Madrid nowadays. When these both players retire that’s when people will start to be care. Let’s just appreciate them while their here. But in society now everything is to compare. Y’all comparing them like how they be talking about iOS vs Android .

  3. El Classico isn't complete without CR7 and LM10… It's complete stupidity to compare these Legends of the game…
    They are Great Guys with varying qualities… It's a privilege to watch both… Looking forward to another great guys… Let's see what Mbappe and Haaland gat to offer…

  4. my only complaint was RMA shouldn't let CR7 go…for don't want to pay for $20 mill which is a chicken fee for the club…if CR7 is still with RMA now…no one can beat RMA and still reign in championship for all leagues, what a shame to let go of CR7. GL RMA 🙂

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