Barca Top 10 Tiki-Taka Goals That Won't Be Repeated!

Here at Barcastudio we count down the very best goals from the past 10 years.
In this amazing first episode we take a look at the 10 Best teamplay goals from the last decade. Andres Iniesta Believes no one can repeat the golden generation with Leo Messi and Xavi at Barcelona. The team’s attacking, possession-based tiki-taka tactics and 4–3–3 formation allowed them to score some of the most incredible team goals the world of football has ever seen. Check out Barcastudio’s 7 brand new episodes combining Fc Barcelona’s Top 10 Plays of the Decade, the best Barça & Messi moments from 2010 – 2020 in 7 amazing video’s. You’ll see some mind-blowing solo goals, unbelievable team plays, truly spectacular free kicks, acrobatic volleys, chips and much more… Guardiola preferred freedom in the final third of the pitch which was effective as the team created many chances per match and thus scored lots of goals. Comment below and have your say on which Top 10 edition we should post next, hope you enjoy!
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00:56-01:15 #10 Xavi Goal Vs Arsenal 2010/11
01:16-01:29 #9 Messi Goal Vs Ac Milan 2012/13
01:30-02:05 #8 Rakitic Goal Vs Juventus 2014/15
02:28-02:41 #7 Messi Goal Vs Villareal 2010/11
02:43-03:10 #6 Messi Goal Vs Panathinaikos 2010/11
03:12-03:42 #5 Messi Goal Vs Psg 2014/15
03:34-04:03 #4 Iniesta Goal Vs Viktoria PlZN 2011/12
04:04-04:21 #3 Messi Goal Vs Celtic Glasgow 2016/17
04:22-04:40 #2 Messi Goal Vs Roma 2015/16
04:41-05:15 #1 Messi Goal Vs Sevilla 2018/19
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  1. Gourdiola makes it seem so easy! lol 'Take the ball, pass the ball' – but man the skill to control the ball (as if it's glued to your feet, dribble in close lanes, have the vision to make the pass, make the runs (blind) to receive the ball etc.) was simply exceptional and never seen before or may not be repeated. Barca/Spain 2008-2012 was another level.. Apart from the trio (Xavi, Iniesta, Messi) the others (Alonso, Sergio, Busquets, Pique etc.) were no less and almost at same level !!

  2. U guys speak about ronaldo and Messi, ofc they both are 2 of best players on history but what Will never change is that Barcelona is, Was and Will be a loser club forever, i laugh so much about tiki taka, yea it was good football but it was 2 years, now Messi Will leave Barcelona and they never ever win a single good thing on 40 years, i just dont understand why so many fanboys from a ultra loser team, no sense

  3. i hope tikitaka never comes back- horrible style. anti game football- Boring, even the corner where not an ofensive move- didnt play with left wing, right wing, striker- If it was in NBA you have to shoot on goal in 30 seconds or you loose possesion- it was a plague-

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