What Would Be Eden Hazard's Impact On Real Madrid?

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  1. Madrid's stubbornness in religiously fielding Benzema complicated the core problem: Goalscoring!

    Madrid has many top passers/assisters already. All they need is the man who can meet their passes. Benzema likes to sway aside with the ball too much and becomes assist provider himself, so it's like salting the ocean.

    For you who said that Madrid's chances creations was very low, ask yourself this: "How the hell the creators suppose to create chances, if our main target man continously drifts to side pitch?"…

    When Ronaldo was here, any player could move around and be a creator, because Ronaldo would always be there to meet any chances created. Benzema acted like there's someone else up front and center. He failed to understand that in post Ronaldo era, he IS the one that supposed to be there for the team! Check any goals he made last season. He got them when he stayed up front and center! Imagine how many more he might score if he had enough disciplined to stay there to be the target the team needed.

    Madrid didn't give Mariano enough chance to prove himself, and if it also happens to Jovic this season, Hazard's arrival won't change anything!

  2. Vazques can start finding another club, why do you even mention him? Vinicius is the one to be considered – he is showing what is the beginning of a supernova, just needs to improve his finishing, maybi that is something Hazard can help him with. But the real problem remains Benzema and his role as "team leader" and goal scorer. He just isn't what Real Madrid need and even though he managed to score some goals this season, he managed to miss much more opportunities. He should be sold while Real can still take some money for him. Mbappe is the real goods in demand at Real. He can make the beginning of a new era, he is young, amicious and has the ability to score, which all of the team's players showed they lack.

  3. Hazard arrival at Madrid will give vinicius enough time to develop and improve his finishing and his skills even better without any pressure. The kid did wonders this seasons by playing against the teams like Barcelona and outclass their defenders but he needs time. Hazard is a short term solution and vinicius is the future.

  4. Hazard is not the player Madrid needs. Becuse hes a playmaker and thats not what Real Madrid need. They need a goalscoaring winger that can score goals. Like Son Heung min or Mane. Becuse taking chances was the problem for Madrid last season, not creating them.

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