Highlights: LA Galaxy vs Columbus Crew

Highlights from the Galaxy’s 2-1 win vs Columbus Crew. Galaxy captain Robbie Keane scored two PKs in the win. Check out the match report:

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  1. theres nothing wrong with getting a penalty goal, seeing as they are only supposed to be awarded when there's been obstruction of a clear goal scoring opportunity, meaning that the team was likely to and/or deserving of a goal/chance. that penalty however was the epitome of some of the garbage players find acceptable these days and every real fan hates

  2. SKC fan here, and I have to say, that second PK was one of the biggest, most obvious flops I've ever seen. The first PK was warranted, and while it was pretty soft, there was enough for a foul, but the second was absolutely horrible on the ref's part! If anything, Keane should have gotten a yellow for diving.

  3. finishing drills every minute until sunday's game. cudicini never was this tentative and meek at chelsea but it comes with age (and not wanting to get hurt). and john shrader will never get into the broadcasters hall of fame.

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