Andra, Dony & Matteo – Barcelona (Official Video)

Andra, Dony & Matteo – Barcelona (Official Video)
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Composers & Writers: Donici Corneliu Constantin, Laurentiu Duta, Vasiliu Matei Anton, Postolache Mihai, Hirt Angelica, Alexandra Irina Maruta

(P) & (C) 2020 Andra Records, Media Pro Music, Pin Records, November Music



I just wanna get away one night in Barcelona
There we can do anything
The things we really wanna
Under the sky, sangria wine
Your body on mine
Let’s go for tonight
I just wanna get away
One night in Barcelona

Don’t need a reason to stay tonight
Don’t need no one to tell me what is right
Oh, you’re more than a feeling and I can deny my heart
All the longing for you is the hardest part

It feels so heavenly our love is like a sweet sweet melody
Never let me go cause I don’t wanna be set free

The woman I love has a pretty, pretty face
And dancin’ ah di riddim has a pretty, pretty waist
No stylist, she has ah pretty, pretty taste
Bound to me cah we are pretty, pretty laced
Eyes so big and dem full of grace
Gyal yuh a lead nah need fi di stress
Bompa so phat so give her backspace
Gyal yuh a lead nah need fi di stress

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