Is Chicharito one of the greatest goal poachers ever?!

Chicharito put on a pure striker clinic against the Quakes on Saturday night, not only scoring a brace, but making it look soo easy.

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  1. (0:48) Tactical mistakes by SJE
    1. Terrible ball possession and horrible pass to no one.

    2.Bad positioning by the RB, he leaves the LW alone in the run + chicharito is left alone by the left CB (as a CB you can’t leave a striker alone, pressure and dirty game against him is a must for a CB) and chicharito has all the time on earth to give a great pass to LW

    3. Bad tactical defending: in (0:54) the CB should have gone and put pressure on the LW and the bad positioned RB needed to cover the CB position instead of running without wisdom, that way they would have recovered from the detrimental mistake done. And the LB who gave the horrible pass should have immediately run towards chicharito to leave him uncomfortable.

    4. No winner DNA and lack of teammate communication: when they score the goal you can witness the fact that they didn’t even care about receiving a goal, that is not a winners DNA….

    PD: not saying chicharito is bad, indeed he is a great striker. However, if defenders where way better and organised tactically this would have never happened in the 2nd goal against SJE and chicharito would not be able to score those goals that easy.

    With respect
    Coach Carlos R.

  2. He’s real good but he is not one of the greatest goal poachers, I think Josef Martinez was one of the greatest goal poachers and Carlos Vela like a scavenger, cleans it up with some fancy ways every now and then

  3. Just watching that speed as he ran to the goal.. anyone who ever doubted him before, doesn’t know who Chicharito really is.. for those not in the know, he’s the guy who will be remembered more than most strikers out there..

  4. There’s a reason he’s Mexico all time leading scorer and there’s a reason he knew how to score in ManU and Leverkusen. He’s not the most skilled but when in shape he works and moves and knows where to be. That is a skill all by itself.

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