Rangers fans Seville takeover gathers pace as thousands party ahead of Europa League Final

Rangers fans have been continuing to descend on Seville in their droves ahead of Wednesday’s Europa League Final.
The gathering Light Blues legion partied in the Plaza Alameda de Hercules throughout the day, and were in full voice as darkness started to descend on the Spanish city.
Around 150,000 fans are expected in the city for the big match, with an estimated 100,000 there to support Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s men.

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44 opiniones en “Rangers fans Seville takeover gathers pace as thousands party ahead of Europa League Final”

  1. No arrests?……..a well, throwing chairs at people, fighting with Germans and good bit of sectarian abuse must be legal in Spain, shame!

  2. Vaya mierda de aficcion,los pitufos,la del celtic es mas respetuosa,en sevilla se os ha quedado los borrachos pitufos

  3. Rangers tried to be the new Ipswich Town by being the smallest most unfashionable club to win the UEFA/Europa cup but they're just not big enough.

  4. Do Scotland proud and your great Britain ? Just behave tho!! Win or lose? Don't forget Glasgow is watching…From a celtic fan ??. ???????

  5. Call me old fashioned, But I want see the Real Rangers fans turn up, Follow Follow" no the corporate going for the banter fan, Hopefully when the Buses from The Schemes arrive ,

  6. As I am Dunfermline fan..I hate Ranger so much but would like says this good Luck Ranger.. and it good for Scottish football in European cup final most Scottish team’s are terrible in Europe .

  7. Good luck lads!!!!!! ?? ?? ?? Villa fan but my old man moved to a little village north Scotland 25 years ago. Had another son, Rangers boy my little bro is and so am I. Bring it home!!!!! ???????????????? WATP!!!!!!

  8. Rangers robbed in 1993…the chance to play in the 1st CL final v AC MILAN… MARSEILLES SHOULD HAVE BEEN STRIPPED AND BANNED FROM THE COMPETITION

  9. Can't wait for tonight " Follow Follow" bring it home and eclipse the other lot who got done in Seville ??????

  10. Remember everyone, they’re playing a team 12th in their league. Let’s not overhype this ? two pish teams not even top domestically

  11. My dad passed when we hit the lower leagues. Broke his heart ,but i know he will be watching hopefully with Walter ,Jimmy,and Fernando . So please lets bring this home WATP ??❤️??

  12. What did the Spanish ever do to deserve this??? Come on Frankfurt, or whoever are playing these Muppets. I'll be cheering you on.

  13. The atmosphere will be a lot different after tonights game we all remember what happened to george square last year

  14. why are they pissed, its not looking good and why they standing on top of shit they should repect the spanish city, the frankfurt fans are showing how to behave

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