What to make of Anthony Martial’s performance for Sevilla vs. Elche | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Kay Murray, Alejandro Moreno, Julien Laurens and Stewart Robson react to Sevilla’s 2-0 win against Elche in La Liga action, with Anthony Martial recording an assist.

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48 opiniones en “What to make of Anthony Martial’s performance for Sevilla vs. Elche | ESPN FC”

  1. Critical analysis by non players or mediocre ex players on staff at ESPN martial wasn’t bad at allllll

  2. Average not good as always, still passing the ball back while the team is trying to score on the other side

  3. He’ll do exactly what he did at Manchester United play well to start then drop of a cliff. Then he’ll blame the manager!

  4. All the slim wins and draws were unlucky for Sevilla. We almost always play better than any team despite covid and so many injuries the past 3-4 months

  5. Did yall even watch the game? Even Elches captain Verdu said we had more quality. And this coming from a team that held rm at bernabeu just 2 games ago

  6. Took Martial 7 seasons to adapt to the Prem and he couldn't quite do it, how long will Sevilla give him to adapt? 8 seasons? 9?

  7. As a Man utd fan, one thing I can 100% assure you that, if you play Anthony Martial, it will be 10 man team instead of 11. He is like prince of man utd, would not run or chase or defend the ball, but he expect you to serve every time he is walking instead of running in penalty box. ???

  8. Martial god of assisting! or Anthony Jordan Martial god of football!!!!! In Liga Liga league always produces new de ballon every year. Can Martial can claim the Title soon, YES!!!!!!!

  9. Every United player leaving on loan suddenly step up and become great. Someone must tell them that this is their chance to prove their worth so they can go back to United and sit in the bench earning comfortable millions again.

  10. Sevilla have got the quality but Lopetegui's attacking tactics are not good that's why they struggle to score goals.

  11. Behind the scenes politics.. probably fletcher and Co trying to push elanga career because he's from the youth setup.

  12. Yeah when it's comes to teams they like they say he needs time,Anthony Marshall needs time but adama traore you say it's his first game.lets see if he can keep it up.

  13. i also think that sevilla need to work more on their attacking outcome although their have scored 36 goals but it is the same as barcelona

  14. i think the tittle race is totally still open but sevilla need madrid to drop points in the next or any others match cause currently madrid play 23 while sevilla already play 24 games

  15. ESPN team : Martial was always going to need time to adapt to his new team and environment.
    Luiz Dias : Hold my Colombian Coffee.

  16. Ok, got an assist but we'll have to wait and see, doubt he'll help them to the championship. Yeah Ale but they've only aloud 17 goals in all season. Best defense in the league

  17. As soon as I hear Ale Moreno speak and his antics. I quickly shut it off. He has the most annoying voice and way of talking. Get him off the channel immediately

  18. Ugh! Another Sevilla win.

    3 months ago, we, Real Madrid, were running away with the league.

    Big, big game for Real Madrid against Villareal tomorrow.

  19. Why is ESPN is talking about Martial ? there’s a plenty better players to talk about it ??

  20. Manchester United have become a toxic club that ruins quality players……..and that's coming from me a United fan

    Very happy for Martial while we watch Rashford flopping around

  21. I am still heavily disappointed that they couldn't win their last game and they were taken out of the CL so stupidly.

  22. Chelsea has won
    2 Champions League
    2 Europe League
    2 UEFA Super Cup
    1 Club World Cup
    Biggest club in London

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