Arsenal vs Sevilla | Match Day Live

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48 opiniones en “Arsenal vs Sevilla | Match Day Live”

  1. Gabriel jesus 25 goals this season
    Martinelli 10 assist +
    Saka 10 assist +
    Jesus killer in the box and better than haaaland

  2. 2:19:15 Watch how the Xhaka haters get disappointed cause the ball was not given offside. You clowns are embarrasing. It literally hurts them to see Xhaka playing well. Just sick at this point.

  3. It makes u laugh at how arsenal fans r reacting to this where they win a friendly and think they’re winning the league. Banter fans ?

  4. I met Cecil at the game and what a lad he is! Truly respects his fans and surroundings around him who want to speak to him! It was truly an honour getting to meet him!

  5. these man talking about “a premier league side”, my guy Sevilla would be a top table side in the PL. Yes La Liga are weaker but Sevilla are the 4th best team in that league. Consistently causing troubles in the CL. Let’s not overrate some of these PL teamsnlol

  6. We are going to experience a massively improved Xhaka this season. He will be moving forwarda lot because Zinchenko will be giving him cover

  7. All those who dont wish Arsenal well better get ready. We will make you sad and you will sulk all season. It's our time. Every dog has its day. Our ship is arriving

  8. I suggest you Arsenal fans tune into watch The Community Shield today when 2 big clubs with 2 proper managers play and then you'll realise despite you winning 6 – 0 today how far you and your clown manager are behind in winning real trophies that matter and playing amongst Europes biggest clubs. Light years!
    Watch and dream chavvies xx

  9. Imagine wining florida and emirated into europa and epl in the end of the season.. we all wud be crying joy of tears

  10. That comment about Jesus not scoring at a world cup is immature, Messi didn't score a single goal in 2010 fifa world cup.

  11. Martinelli even created good chances last year for laca but he was absolutely dreadful finishers and his finding good link up with gabbi.
    I mean the other gabi?

  12. I hope this energy doesn't vanished in the air when the harsh PL season start.If Arsenal don't make a signing of proper2 Cm n Wg,than you can forget Top4.

  13. We are peaking too early…it's worrying me. I really wish the same performance in the league.

    Also Saliba..the quality is outstanding.

  14. love this they think they are invincible
    you will lose against palace then all the doom and gloom will be back lol

  15. 5-1 ipswich, 5-3 nurenberg, 2-0 everton, 4-1 orlando, 4-0 chelsea and now 6-0 sevilla

    26 goals scored and only 5 conceded, what more can you ask for in the pre season?

  16. What the guy in green said at the end is spot on. Preseason was fantastic, Im excited but the real test is Palace. But lets not carried away, but im sooo excited.

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