Derby Days: Sevilla | The Big One

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Derby Days is back with a bang as we take the entire series to Spain to discover the incredibly unique rivalries that make up this obsessed football nation! For the big finale, we have left the biggest and best to last, the Seville Derby, the fixture everyone in Spain considers the most heated rivalry in the entire country! But even we couldn’t have prepared ourselves for what we come up against as one of the most historic results in the derby’s history played out! Watch to see what happened…

Derby Days ha vuelto en grande y los llevamos a España para descubrir las rivalidades mas unicas que forman parte de esta nacion obsesionada con el futbol! Esta vez es Asturias, donde hemos descubierto dos tipos de fans que lo único que puede sobrepasar su amor por su equipo es el amor por pelear por su equipo. Después de no jugar por 14 años, cuando por fin se enfrentaron, hemos vivido un partido, discutiblemente mas caótico que nada que hemos visto!




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37 opiniones en “Derby Days: Sevilla | The Big One”

  1. If LaLiga had the same marketing skills of the Premier League, this derby would be the biggest in Europe.
    I know this sounds odd, but I love both clubs because I love Sevilla the city and it's difficult to choose between these two clubs if you did not grow up in the city. I love Joaquin, and I love Kanoute, Navas, Reyes. I was lucky enough to see them all playing.

  2. I live in Spain. I live in a place (Galicia) with a very hard derby and very loyal fans. But this rivalry clearly surpasses any other in Spain.

  3. Just a question: how the betis' fans insult sevilla fans? I hope that they donr insult the name of their own city like in my town:MILAN

  4. I always loved Betis just because they have same colors like my hometown in Bosnia ( green and withe ) and that is not really common colors in world of football.
    Vamos Los Verdiblancos!!!!

  5. This is absolute gold. This is why I send my players on loan to Betis or Sevilla in FM. You'll find out real quick if they've got passion in their game.

  6. The man who put the ashes of his dead dad in a milk carton to take him to the games originally had the ashes in a Coca Cola bottle but the security would not let him take it into the ground …. Its a bad do when you cant even bring a "bottle of pop" to the game!

  7. Cute but nothing can compared to greek derby olympiacos vs pao greek government doesn't allow away fans because hooligans are so extreme even without away fans home fans often are fighting police

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