Sevilla lift their 7th UEL trophy after beating Roma! 🏆

Sevilla lift the their 7th UEL trophy after beating Roma on pens in the Europa League final

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40 opiniones en “Sevilla lift their 7th UEL trophy after beating Roma! 🏆”

  1. I'm Hungarian, this was my first time at an international cup final. Many thanks to the fans of Sevilla and Rome for the wonderful atmosphere. It was a fantastic experience. THANKS

  2. I have never seen such unsportsmanlike behavior as yesterday from the AS Roma coach and the entire bench. Destroy the whole football game first with the way you play, get upset about referee decisions, constantly demand what the referee has to do and then be totally dissatisfied with the decisions against you. And that's what the trainer calls a role model. Mourinho should be ashamed. I'm very happy that Roma lost, they didn't deserve anything else. And I say this even though I have Italian roots, but yesterday I was ashamed of the Roma. Pooh

  3. I dont like fire celebration just like Qatar world cup
    I like full spaghetti colurfoul paper in the air celebration

  4. The whole world should hope CIty win the other cup so the super cup will be City vs. Sevilla….and not another despicable italian blot.

  5. UEFA just NEEDS to stop assigning big games n Finals to these English referees … The 1st Roma goal should've never stood coz of that blantant spank middle of the pitch foul b4 the pass to Dybala … 2nd half he doesnt spot yet another mistake wen Bono actually makes a great save n Roma were denied of a corner kick to attack … n then again minutes after, awareds a wrongful penalty to Sevilla ❗ … n that's discounting atleast 11 -12 glaring wrong decisions in the game … Good job by Sevilla they equalised to save that refrees innumerable mistakes … When will UEFA ever open its eyes to see that English referees are true dog sh*t n stop giving them big cup finals just 4 the sake of neutrality without clearly the most basic refreeing skills ❓❓ ..

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