Conferencia de prensa del técnico del Barça, Xavi Hernández, el día previo al partido de Liga entre el Sevilla y el FCBarcelona.

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Sweet Headaches

With the 4-0 away victory against Murcia, the spirits should be high in the Barcelona Camp ahead of the second leg match against Sevilla. In the form of the away Goal, Barcelona has a definite advantage in this tie. But as we have seen in the past barca also has a disastrous tendency of folding down at the crucial juncture. How much inspiration can be taken from the Murcia match will be another question, especially considering that we managed to lose to Madrid after an excellent away win against Valencia.

With that sense i will prefer the team start the preparation a little cautious. In the match against Madrid we could not carry the excellent form of the previous match because there were too many changes in the side. In this match also there will be some changes, especially centre forward position. I will come to that a little later. I expect Thuram to be replaced by Milito, apart from that and the Centre Forward position, there should not be anymore changes. Gudjonsen and Xavi looked good in the midfield role and should continue there. Marquez is the only choice available for Defensive Midfielder role. Don’t even think of putting Iniesta there, especially in a match against Sevilla. Zamrotta should be the out and out choice for Right Back.

But the most significant of changes will be in the forward lineup. Many says in the forward position Rijkaard is facing a problem of plenty. Is he? I don’t think so, that is the reason why I have titled the article as «Sweet Headaches». For the last two to three matches, Henry is our best player along with Marquez. Saturday he was marvelous. Many attribute his sudden change in the form to the prolonged rest he got during the injury. I do believe that rest might have done him a world of good, like in the case of Eto also. But I don’t think that is the only factor contributing here. From the last two matches he is playing in a position which he was so used to at Arsenal. In Arsenal he may not have been playing so much to the left, but a little close to the centre. In the initial time in Barcelona, he donned the role of a Centre Forward and literally failed. But when he moved back to his natural position, because of Ronaldinho injury – he started giving the glimpses of old Thierry Henry. So Rijkaard should prefer him to stay at the front left. Now the question is that who will play the Sole Centre forward role. If you look at the option

1) Gudjonsen – He looks settled in the Midfield.

2) Ezquerra – He also prefers either of the flanks.

The only option left here is the two kids – Giovanni and Bojan. Out of these two, Bojan looks like a more natural Centre Forward than Giovanni. Now if you add the two injured players – Messi and Ronnie, none of them can don the role of a natural Centre Forward.

I believe that Rijkaard will move Henry to the centre of the plot. I totally disagree with that, he should move Bojan to the centre and have Iniesta at the right. Many may not agree with the my views, many believe that since Barcelona forward players interchange their position very effectively in the course of a match – they can start at any place. I don’t agree with that. They all prefer to start at their favorite places. Maybe and I hope and pray, Henry proves me wrong if he is moved to that position. But I believe like a Centre back, the Centre forward is also a specialist position. Nobody can even think of pulling a defender back to open up space like Eto did in last match. Saviola would have fit to that position – but he is not here.

Now coming to the Sevilla side, watch for that Brazilian duo – Fabiano and Alves. they have hurt Barcelona in the past and could hurt us tomorrow. With the 2-0 loss at Bilbao, their spirits maybe a little low. So take the attack to them early. And like the last match Barcelona should defend up front, the forward line should keep on putting pressure on their defenders.

On the organization front Barcelona is contributing more to the society by means of tying up with United Nations Refugee agency (ACNUR). The formal agreement will be signed on January 22 in Geneva. This is in addition to the agreement with UNICEF. «The two bodies will unite their efforts to help work together with their respective programs and to build common initiatives that try and bring a new quality of life to child refugees. A delegation from the club’s Fundaciò, headed by President Joan Laporta, will travel to Geneva to finalise the agreement in the ACNUR headquarters. The former Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Gutérres, will receive the delegation as his role as head of the agency.» – FCBarcelona site. For the Barcelona fans these are moments of pride and honour. When almost all the clubs are running after money and more advertisement, Barcelona still care to look into the more complex social and economic issues related to the society. The founders of the club will be proud to see that the younger generation still believes in the purpose of this great club. And these measures are truly the one which makes Barcelona – More Than a Club.

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Spanish Super Cup 2011: A Tussle Between La Liga and Copa Del Rey Winners

Spain is the reigning world champion, having won the FIFA world cup in 2010 by beating Holland in the final. They have for long been considered one of the top football playing nations but have consistently underperformed at the international level until recently.

That said, the game is extremely popular in the country and the fans of the game constitute the biggest inspiration for the national team that relies on a solid championship structure at the club level.

The Spanish Super Cup, known as the Supercopa de España, is a Spanish football championship in which the winners of the La Liga take on the winners of the Copa del Rey. This is similar to the Community shield in England in which the winners of the Premier League and the FA cup face each other in a traditional season opener.

This year’s tournament in Spain will be contested by Barcelona, who won the 2010-11 edition of the La Liga; they will face Real Madrid who won the Copa del Rey, last season.

The competition as it is currently played was first organized in 1982. In a previous era of Spanish football, between 1940 and 1953, a similar competition was held, in which the winners of the league and the cup, then called the Copa del Generalismo, met in similar fashion.

The tournament was initially called Copa de Campeones when it began, in 1940, after which there was a hiatus for five years, before a similar contest was held in 1945, under the sponsorship of the Ambassador of Argentina, under the name of Copa de Oro Argentina.

Two years later, a new annual tournament called the Copa Eva Duarte de Perón was held and dedicated to the President and the first lady of Argentina. The tournament was held between the ninth and last months of the year, in the form of a single-leg final.

The 2010 Spanish Super Cup was contested by Sevilla FC who won the Copa del Rey that year, and Barcelona, who were the La Liga winners for the 2009-10 season. Barcelona beat Sevilla by a 5-3 aggregate score in the two-leg encounter to claim their 9th Super Cup title.

Among other champions, Real Madrid have won the title on eight occasions, since the tournament began in 1982, while Deportivo have won it twice. There have been seven other champions to have won it once each. These are Sevilla, Zaragoza, Valencia, Mallorca, Atletico Madrid, Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad.

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?⚽ "El partido" Sevilla FC – Valencia ? EN DIRECTO ?

Sigue en directo la cobertura del partido de LaLiga ante el Valencia CF.

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A Brief History of Futbol Club Barcelona

Futbol Club Barcelona was founded in 1899 by a team of English, Swiss, and Catalan footballers, headed by Joan Gamper and today the club enjoys spectacular worldwide support, as well as being one of the most popular expressions of Catalanism and Catalan culture. This sometimes puts it at odds with Real Madrid and the result is a long-standing rivalry between the two biggest clubs in Spain, whose highly anticipated matches are dubbed «el clasico», with Barcelona representing a Spain of regions against Real Madrid’s centralist vision of the country.

The club first got off the ground when Gamper put an advertisement in the Los Deportes regarding his desire to form a football club, and soon he found some supporters who met at the Gimnasio Sole on 29th November to discuss plans. The meeting was attended by Walter Wild who went ahead to become the first director of the club, Otto Kunzle, Enric Ducal, Pere Cabot, Josep Llobet, Otto Maier, Josep Llobet, Carles Pujol, John Parsons, Lluís d’Osso, Bartomeu Terradas, and William Parsons – FC Barcelona was born!

The club had a successful start in the regional as well as national level, and it went from strength to strength. The team won its first trophy, the Copa Macaya in 1902. Since its inception, FC Barcelona has achieved fame across the world with its consistent efforts to excel and create a mark in the history of football. Such is the support that the club even has an official anthem, called the «Cant del Barça», written by Josep Maria Espinas and Jaume Picas.

Contrary to many other football clubs, FC Barcelona is owned and operated by its members. The club is often considered to be the second-richest football club in the world, in terms of revenue. Barcelona is the only European club that has consistently played European football matches every season since 1995 and is also one of only three clubs that have never been relegated from La Liga, alongside arch-rival Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao.

In the year 2009, FC Barcelona became the first Spanish club ever to be victorious in the treble, constituting of Copa del Rey, La Liga, and the Champions League. In the same season, the club also became the first in Spain to win six out of six matches in the same year. FC Barcelona has fans across the world eagerly waiting for each season to see how their favorite team will battle out with other teams for the trophy.

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Resumen Sevilla FC 4 – 0 Coventry City FC | Pretemporada 21/22

El Sevilla FC goleó en el Pinatar Arena al conjunto inglés en el primer test de pretemporada de la nueva campaña.

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Chelsea Will Beat Barcelona – Champions League Semi Final 2009

The much awaited tussle between Chelsea and Barcelona football clubs is here and the first leg of the two leg semifinal will commence in the evening in Barcelona. It is deemed as the match up of the season with teams with different abilities trying to out do each other. In many ways it will be a contest between the fast paced physical approach of English premier league and technically superior one touch football of Barcelona.

The prediction is hard to make and even both coaches are staying away from making any sort of announcements before the match.

I guess I need to put my head on block and I’m going with Chelsea Football Club. I believe the Barcelona is about to catch a slap. They will be beaten over both legs.

Chelsea unlike Bayern Munich in the previous round have a much stable and permanent defense and it will be mighty hard for the Barcelona’s forward to run them home and dry by beating the off side trap. Henry, Eto and Messi are good in La Liga this season but they haven’t come across the physical approach of Chelsea. Bayern had three new defenders in last four and probably playing for the first time together at Nou Camp.

Secondly most of Barcelona creativity is focused on Xavi and Inniesta, and the duo will face a stiff challenge from Essien and Ballack, both physically demanding players especially upper body strength which the Barcelona players lack.

The dual of the match could be either Essien and Xavi or Malouda vs Dani Alves. It may seem strange but most of Messi industriousness depends upon Alves as it provides Messi to go in on his left foot. Malouda drives will not only keep Alves in his own half but his better adaptability to defensive work will also make it easy for Boswinga to defend against Messi. Henry and Eto are free running players and they won’t get any space today so won’t be a big surprise if one of them get substituted around 75 minutes.

Leave all the rest to Drogba has Barcelona don’t have something called defense in football and with fast paced closing they will bound to make errors. Barcelona is not getting anything out of its home match.

Leave the rest for next week.

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‘El Partido’ del Sevilla FC vs FC Barcelona de LaLiga. ? EN DIRECTO ?

? EN DIRECTO ? En ‘El Partido’ analizan las claves del encuentro, alineaciones, se repasan los contenidos relacionados con la previa del partido del Sevilla FC vs FC Barcelona. Tras el encuentro, se analiza el partido con las declaraciones en directo del entrenador en sala de prensa y los jugadores en zona mixta.

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FC Barcelona Players – Samuel Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o, although he seems to have been playing at the top level for such a long time, was, in fact, born in March 1981 in Nkon, Cameroon. Seemingly followed by controversy, Eto’o signed for Real Madrid as a 16 year old and had, to put it mildly, a strange relationship with the club from then on.

Firstly, upon his arrival at Madrid airport, young Samuel was famously forgotten about – a young black African with no Spanish hanging around an airport; an inauspicious beginning. After uneventful loan spells at Leganés and Espanyol, the coltish-looking Eto’o found himself loaned out to Mallorca, where he really began to show off his credentials.

Scoring 54 goals, Eto’o became the islanders’ highest league goal scorer and developed a real affinity with the supporters there – and he famously scored a spectacular individual goal against Madrid in the Bernabeu! Eto’o enjoyed his relationship with Mallorca so much that, when they reached the Copa del Rey final in 2003, he paid out EUR30,000 on a meal for them!

At the end of his loan spell, the Real Madrid supporters were almost unanimous in their desire for Samuel to return to the capital and compete for the forward positions with Raul and Ronaldo. What followed was a summer of continuous speculation and argument and eventually, for EUR24 million, the player signed for Barcelona – something that still annoys many Real Madrid fans.

Since then, Eto’o has scored goals galore for the Catalan giants. In his first, championship-winning season, Eto’o scored 25 league goals, including the title-clinching strike at Levante. He reached 50 goals in just 67 matches – a club record.

In addition to wining African Footballer of the year a record three times in succession from 2003, Samuel was part of the Cameroon side that won the African Cup in 2000 and 2002 and was runner-up in 2008. Previously, he had been the youngest player, at 17 years and 3 months, in the 1998 World Cup. He was the pichichi, top goal scorer, in La Liga in 2005/06, when, of course, he scored an equalising goal in the Champions’ League final against Arsenal.

Controversy has never been far away, however. After winning the league in 2005, Eto’o made the mistake of singing an abusive song about Madrid during the on-pitch celebrations. He has also been famously outspoken in his denouncements of racial abuse chanted in grounds – even threatening to walk off during one league game at Zaragova. Furthermore, there were times during 2007/08 season when Samuel Eto’o seemed a very forlorn figure, when his relationship with some of the other players was not at its best. At the end of the season, it seemed that the club were determined to transfer Ronaldinho, Deco and Eto’o, the perceived bad influences at the club. Eto’o, though, with typical determination, was adamant that his future was still with Barcelona – and he has proved to be absolutely correct.

Samuel Eto’o is fast, two-footed, brave and a totally committed team player and arguably the best centre forward in modern football.

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Spanish League Soccer – Coach Ziganda No More With Osasuna Team

The former footballer of 42 years old, Coach Jose Angel Ziganda, was dismissed by the Osasuna team of the Spanish League this past October 13th due to the results the team has been having at the beginning of this season.

The team is relegated to the 16th position of the 20 teams in the league, with only 4 points on the first six games of the season. The team had 4 tied games with Villarreal, Mallorca, Deportivo and Numancia, and had 2 losses against Valencia and Racing. With these results and the close the team ended to relegation last season, the franchise of Osasuna decided that it was time for coach Ziganda to leave the club.

The news of his release took Jose Ziganda and his assistant coach Andoni Goikoetxea by surprise, but they do accept that the results were not the best for the club. The fact that surprise them the most was that Ziganda became the first coach in 11 and half years to be fired by the club, because in the past, the franchise did not seemed to be focusing on the results. But now the expectations of the franchise are higher as they want to get out of the last positions of the table and be a more remarkable team in the league.

Ziganda expressed that he is leaving the club a little heartrending because he wanted more time to improve the team results and get the best performances of every player, but he accepts that he didn’t managed to win and that the team needed points. »We are very sad but we have to accept it, the reasons are obvious, we have not managed to win and the team needed a change. We wanted more time, because I think that the team has been capable of winning all the games, but the club want results,» expressed Coach Ziganda.

Jose Angel Ziganda was in charge of Osasuna for two seasons, replacing the Mexican coach Jose Aguirre. In his first season 2006-07, Ziganda took the team to the 14th place of the league and leaded them into the 2007 semifinals of the UEFA Cup, which they lost against Sevilla 2-1. However, for the 2007-08 season, Ziganda left Osasuna at the 17th place and very close to relegation. Although the club directives meant to keep him for another year, giving him the chance to turn things around, but the results obtained so far were not different.

The club has acknowledged the press that Coach Jose Antonio Camacho will replace Ziganda; he already signed a contract with Osasuna until June 2009. Camacho was the coach of the Spanish national team between 1998 and 2002, guiding the team to the quarter-finals of both Euro 2000 and World Cup2002. He also coached the teams Espanyol, Rayo Vallecano, SL Benfica and was in charge of Real Madrid for two brief spells; 22 days in 1998 and four months in 2004. More recently, in 2008, Camacho was coaching Benfica again, but after some issues with the club, he decided to leave them. Now his expectations are placed on Osasuna, since he wants to take them out of the last positions of the table and convert them in a successful club in La Liga.

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